With over $3 million of raw materials in stock, Draco has the capability to ship same-day orders
of any size spring from virtually any material. Draco’s raw material inventory is unsurpassed in the industry. Our stock materials serve environments with Max/Min Service Temperatures ranging from 1,400 °F to -328°F.
Material Type Material Spec
17-7 PH Stainless Wire A313 Type 631 (AMS 5678)
302 Stainless Wire ASTM A313 T302
316 Stainless Wire ASTM A313 T316
Oil Tempered Wire ASTM A229 (Class I & II)
Chrome Vanadium Wire ASTM A231
Chrome Vanadium – VQ Wire ASTM A232
Chrome Silicon ASTM A401
Chrome Silicon – VQ Wire ASTM A877
Music Wire ASTM A228
Oil Tempered Valve – VQ Quality Wire ASTM A230
Chrome Vanadium Valve ASTM A232
Inconel 625 Wire ASTM B446 (Chem. – Cold Work Spring Temper)
Inconel 600 Wire ASTM B166 (Alloy N06600 Cold Work Spring Temper)
Inconel X-750 (Spring Temper) AMS 5699
Iconel X-750 (#1 Temper) AMS 5698
Monel 400 QQ-N-281 & ASTM B164
Monel K-500 QQ-N-286
Brass Wire ASTM B135
Phosphorus Bronze ASTM B159 (H08 Temper)
Beryllium Copper Wire ASTM B197
MP35N Wire AMS 5844
Elgiloy Wire AMS 5844
A-286 Bar ASTM A638 GR 660,AMS 5734
Inconel 718 Bar AMS 5662
Inconel X-750 Bar ASTM B637 (Chem. Only) UNS N07750 Type 2
Inconel X-750 Bar AMS 5667
304 or 316 Stainless Bar ASTM A276 Condition “B”
17-4 Stainless Bar ASTM A564 (Type 630)
Tungsten Bar (H-12) ASTM A681 (Chem. Only)
516OH & 51B6OH ASTM A689, ASTM A304
1075/1095 Tempered ASTM A682
1075/1095 Annealed ASTM A684
Beryllium Copper Strip ASTM B194 (C17200 or Alloy 25)
Elgiloy Strip AMS 5876
301, 302, 304 & 316 Stainless Strip ASTM A666
17-7 PH Stainless Strip AMS 5529 Condition “C”
17-7 PH Stainless Strip AMS 5604
Inconel X-750 Sheet & Strip AMS 5542
Inconel 718 Sheet AMS 5596
Inconel 718 Sheet AMS 5528 Condition “A”
Inconel 718 Sheet AMS 5221
Inconel 718 Sheet ASTM B574 Alloy N10276
Titanium Wire AMS 4957
Rene 41 – Wire & Bar AMS 5712

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