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Draco Spring originally made valve and actuator springs to conform to the exact specifications of the US Navy and nuclear equipment needs. Today, we supply springs with those same exceptional production standards to over 100 markets, including NASA and aerospace, oil and gas, stock cars, and many more.

We specialize in short-run rush deliveries and can make almost every type of spring, wire form, and metal stamping. Our quality is unmatched in any application or setting, from extreme conditions in space to hundreds of feet below the surface in the frozen North Atlantic.

Draco Spring has 12 buildings totaling 110,000 square feet and is located near Houston’s Hobby Airport. Additionally, we operate nine regional satellite offices that offer sales and customer assistance to all parts of the United States and the world.

Engineering Services

Draco has become the industry leader in meeting the most demanding requirements for research and development projects. Draco’s Engineering group offers 2D CAD design and advanced spring design capabilities. Draco offers complete product development from concept to production.

Manufacturing Services

Draco has designed and built the majority of the production equipment in-house. This allows the production of springs to tighter tolerances and a quality level that is unprecedented in the industry. Draco currently employs a production staff of 120 employees and maintains two shifts. The average tenure of our production employees is 17 years.

Draco’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provides organizational visibility, control and measurement for manufacturing, inventory, workflow and order tracking. Every order is systematically tracked through our ERP system.

Quality Assurance

Draco Spring is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Draco’s Quality Management System has been developed as an evolutionary process through years of collaborating with our customers. These customers are leaders in their industries and demand compliance with the most stringent requirements, specifications and standards, including:

  • ISO-9001-2015 and ISO-certified compliance since 1997
  • NIAC audit approved
  • Partner with the US military
  • Approved by audit to supply oil and gas, safety relief valves, nuclear, automobile, and aerospace.
  • On-site Level III inspector.

Customer-Focused and Reliable Service From Draco Spring Mfg. Co.

At Draco Spring, we consider our clients the most crucial aspect of our business, and our dedication is evident in the numerous vendor accolades we have received over the years. Whether it’s working on product development, offering a quote, adjusting for changing production demands, or communicating a project update, we strive to provide the most attentive and prompt service!

Learn more about our products and services when you contact us today!

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